Fundraising through the Tuckshop

Tuckshop is a great way to help the school raise funds. However it's not without its challenges.

QAST (QLD Association of School Tuckshops) states that "Key areas of financial management include controlled staff levels, monitoring cost of incoming goods and maintaining a suitable mark up on cost of goods."

Understanding your finances is critical to being able to produce a profit. Sales, expenses, cost of goods and inventory management all play a part.

Menu planning (including healthy items) that drives volume is critical to stock turnover, ensuring that wastage is reduced. It's also important to consider the capital out-lay by the parent-body or school in ensuing the tuck shop has appropriate facilities.

Schools need fundraising more than ever to support their students and families. Tukkr offers a tuckshop wholesale solution that helps raise funds and reduce operational costs.


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