Supporting tuckshops across Australia

We had a vision.

A passion to support schools across Australia and the tuck shops within them.

To work with the school leadership team and the amazing volunteers that devote so much energy to running a school tuck shop.

Quite often a school tuck shop doesn't operate the full five days per week. Operational costs, compliance, resources and securing volunteers can prove challenging.

Tukkr was born to provide a solution. Not to replace the tuck shop but to support it. To give parents a convenient option that is healthy and delicious. Teachers love it as well!

Supporting the local community is also a major focus of Tukkr. Allowing local restaurants the opportunity to supply fantastic meals into their local school. Personally delivered by the restaurant and not contracted out to a delivery company. This process ensures a smooth and value-aligned service.

We also support the charity SchoolAid which empowers kids from around Australia to give. SchoolAid is passionate about empowering young philanthropists and make giving easy for young people to help make their world a better, fairer place.

Find out what the buzz is all about, contact us here.

School meals. Delivered fresh.

Tukkr makes sense. We source the best meal options from restaurants around your school, delivered fresh every day at great prices.

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